Finding the right company for the job

Sadie Groom, Managing Director

As I was looking for an electrician to come and fix something in my house, I started thinking about outsourcing – why we do it and how we find the right people. As a PR, marketing and events agency, outsourcing is what we do, and I realised that we are often asked the same questions when first discussing a project with someone, whether that is offering our No Headcount Required marketing manager service or organising an event. Here are the key questions that you can use when looking for suppliers. 

Why should I change our current provider?

Are they making you happy? Are they getting you the results that you want and are paying for? Are they giving you any ‘wow’ moments where they have gone over and above for you or your company? Our travel agent recently did this by keeping an eye on NAB flights – he found that a seat had become available on the direct flight home, making me a very happy person. He didn’t have to do this, but I won’t be changing them any time soon. If the answer to any of the above is no, then look at changing. Start making enquiries – recommendations are always the best route in my mind – and speak to a handful of potential suppliers. See who you gel with and will provide you with what you want for your budget. 

Is it going to be difficult to change our current provider?

Sometimes it is ‘better the devil you know’ but the new potential provider should make switching as easy as possible for you. Depending on what it is they are doing, they should be investing the time and their money on getting to know you and your company, providing you with the contracts, instructing you on how the teams will work together and who is responsible for what – they should be the ones doing the legwork here, so all you are seeing are the benefits of moving. 

How much is it going to cost me?

Everyone has a budget in mind, whether they say they have or not. I feel it is always best to ask that question to a potential client, and the potential client should be honest so that from the start you know what price range you are in. We would also be stressing the benefits of spending that money at that time, by showing expected results or some KPIs. Then start negotiating and come up with a price and list of activities that you are both happy with (and in the case of the electrician, make her a cup of tea and a biscuit). 

Do you know what you are doing, or do you know the industry we work in?

Well, I hope that my electrician knows what she is doing, but is she used to doing large corporate buildings or can she fix something in my house that can avoid damaging some lovely wallpaper?? My recommendation here is to find specialists – find out who other people you know are using, whether they work with the major industry players, and find out about their set-up – do they have the in-house capabilities that you need?

There are plenty more questions to ask, but my biggest advice is: don’t be scared! Outsourcing and changing your current provider could bring major benefits to your company, and also to you personally. And feel free to ask me any of these questions… 


A Few Kind Words...

Working with Bubble has been integral to a rapid improvement in the delivery of our PR and communication strategy. The entire Bubble team are always friendly and professional as well as knowledgeable and well-connected. A real joy to work with!

Mark Forth


Bubble are a great bunch to have on your team. The whole staff combine high degrees of professionalism and diligence with an impressive depth of industry knowledge and reach, all delivered with huge fun and energy.

Nik Forman


Since working with Bubble, we have been able to target key industries and sectors in a much more strategic way, which has been instrumental in our the growth of our business. Bubble is an invaluable part of our team and is really helping us to drive our business presence forward both through PR and at trade shows.

Tom Rockhill


Bubble Agency has worked with The Media Production Show for the last few years to provide exhibitor PR to clients and show PR to the wider industry press. We have always been impressed with their professionalism, the ability to tun around requests quickly and run our PR Lounge to a high standard during the show.

Charlotte Wheeler

The Media Production and Technology Show

Bubble Agency is made up of hardworking, passionate and caring professionals. They have great knowledge of the PR world, true specialists in the broadcast and video industry and they always have great ideas to increase our exposure.

Robert Lisman


One thing that really sets them apart is the depth of their relationships with the editors and the community that serves our space.

Bob Boster


They're a nice, easy, straightforward, honest company to deal with.

Brian Clark


As Signiant’s core market is M&E, Bubble has proven to be the perfect agency for us. They understand our market and are well-connected with the key influencers, publications and events in the industry. Day-to-day they are always on top of every detail and are a joy to work with. They are, after all, Bubbles.

Jon Finegold


The Bubbles are highly knowledgeable, reliable and have become an integral part of our team. Their winning combination of industry passion and communications expertise has generated a significant increase in our media presence, both in print and online.

Kimberley Zajicek


NewTek is a results driven company, who closely monitor and analyse all their marketing activities, the fact we have worked with Bubble Agency for the past 6 years shows they represent good value for money, are results driven and reliable. On a personal note, they are a joy to work with, mix well within the company both up and down the management chain and a safe pair of hands.

Jane Johnston