Eating That Frog

I thought that title might catch your eye – what on earth is Sadie talking about in this Bugle you probably say.

It’s a great short book by Brian Tracy and one that I dip into regularly whilst I am on Facebook rather than my budget sheets!

So what’s it all about then. The frogs are the things that you don’t want to do that you have to do – those things that you think are going to be too big or too difficult so you put them off but they are also the things that you will find if you do them you feel great satisfaction and in my mind never take as long as you think they will. Here are a few tips.  

  1. Some smart people have tested this and old fashioned I know but if you write something down on paper with a pen you are 100 times more likely to remember it. So write those lists and take notes in meetings. 
  2. Plan your day – if you contact me I am happy to send you the Frog sheet that I have. The best time to do this is the night before – it allows you to sleep better and you are ready to go first thing. Write your frogs down and then plan hour by hour what you are going to do that day – don’t forget to include those meetings and calls and email time but plan it all in. Oh and put the frogs at the top of the day! 
  3. The digital world is great however we can get bombarded – to stop you procrastinating you have to manage your digital world – the best way to do this is to turn off all those notifications that you have an email/LinkedIn/Facebook message – instead plan the time to do this into your frog schedule. 
  4. Your calendar makes a wonderful servant but terrible master. Never automatically click on an invation – ask yourself if it really fits your priorities before accepting.
  5. Put the pressure on yourself – imagine that you have to leave town for a month or exhibit at a major trade show – that will help concentrate your mind on the major tasks/frogs.
  6. Time chunking – great big chunks in your diary to complete tasks – minimum 1 hour and don’t keep dipping into your email in this time period.

I hope that you find these tips useful – we are all busy people and if these tips can help you get some more time into your life then that is great. 


A Few Kind Words...

Working with Bubble has been integral to a rapid improvement in the delivery of our PR and communication strategy. The entire Bubble team are always friendly and professional as well as knowledgeable and well-connected. A real joy to work with!

Mark Forth


Bubble are a great bunch to have on your team. The whole staff combine high degrees of professionalism and diligence with an impressive depth of industry knowledge and reach, all delivered with huge fun and energy.

Nik Forman


Since working with Bubble, we have been able to target key industries and sectors in a much more strategic way, which has been instrumental in our the growth of our business. Bubble is an invaluable part of our team and is really helping us to drive our business presence forward both through PR and at trade shows.

Tom Rockhill


Bubble Agency has worked with The Media Production Show for the last few years to provide exhibitor PR to clients and show PR to the wider industry press. We have always been impressed with their professionalism, the ability to tun around requests quickly and run our PR Lounge to a high standard during the show.

Charlotte Wheeler

The Media Production and Technology Show

Bubble Agency is made up of hardworking, passionate and caring professionals. They have great knowledge of the PR world, true specialists in the broadcast and video industry and they always have great ideas to increase our exposure.

Robert Lisman


One thing that really sets them apart is the depth of their relationships with the editors and the community that serves our space.

Bob Boster


They're a nice, easy, straightforward, honest company to deal with.

Brian Clark


As Signiant’s core market is M&E, Bubble has proven to be the perfect agency for us. They understand our market and are well-connected with the key influencers, publications and events in the industry. Day-to-day they are always on top of every detail and are a joy to work with. They are, after all, Bubbles.

Jon Finegold


The Bubbles are highly knowledgeable, reliable and have become an integral part of our team. Their winning combination of industry passion and communications expertise has generated a significant increase in our media presence, both in print and online.

Kimberley Zajicek


NewTek is a results driven company, who closely monitor and analyse all their marketing activities, the fact we have worked with Bubble Agency for the past 6 years shows they represent good value for money, are results driven and reliable. On a personal note, they are a joy to work with, mix well within the company both up and down the management chain and a safe pair of hands.

Jane Johnston