Time to action:
NAB 2020 Plan B(ubble)


In light of the news that NAB 2020 has been postponed until 2021, here at Bubble we are doing all we can to ensure that our clients and industry network are supported through the ongoing processes of the show – albeit in a new and unprecedented form…

Bubble is thrilled to launch ‘Plan (B)ubble’ to inform industry press, analysts and influencers of our client’s NAB Plan B virtual events. The page will be a central point for press, analysts and influencers to access Bubble client news and recordings.  This includes delivering our clients’ news to all corners of the globe with the virtualisation of announcements, all of which we will announce in due course.        

We are also excited to partner with The IABM’s ‘Virtual Press Page’ which will act as a central hub to keep everyone up to date with industry launches and virtual events, please see link here: https://theiabm.org/virtual-nab-press-page/        

The schedule is currently open from April 1st until April 24th and there are slots of 30 minutes. These listings are going to be shared with the industry press on or around March 27th.                

If you are hosting a virtual press event, email the date, time & your contact to Bubble Agency on virtualnab@bubbleagency.com      


Message to Industry Press

Bubble will be sending around the list of Virtual Press Events to you every Friday at present and then every second (or third day) – if you would like to be kept up to date with industry news and events, please email us on virtualnab@bubbleagency.com and we will add you to the mailing list