Cooke Optics Wins An Oscar®


Cooke Optics, the British manufacturer of hand-crafted precision lenses for film and television, was awarded a rare Scientific and Technical Academy Award® of Merit.


To generate coverage in mainstream as well as industry press, highlighting the company’s then-127 years of British manufacture and continuing innovation in design, development and manufacture of advanced camera lenses.


Bubble created specific press releases for industry publications and for national and consumer press, highlighting the heritage of the company and the continued success of a British company. The team followed up with local and national newspapers and TV news. The press was offered interviews with the chairman as well as visits to the Leicester factory.


Based on interviews with Cooke staff, an article was published in the Independent newspaper. The BBC also sent a film crew to shoot a video at the factory, which appeared as a feature on The Money Programme. A phone interview was featured on local BBC radio and the news also appeared on the
local BBC TV news.