Cooke Optics Embraces Social Media


Cooke Optics, the British manufacturer of hand-crafted precision lenses for film and television, is highly regarded in the cinematography world,
with a worldwide fanbase of cinematographers from Hollywood films to ambitious film students.


To build a strong online community; to see and share stories, images and video of Cooke’s lenses in the field and the creative productions of all types made using them; to build a stronger connection with more of their customers around the world; and to raise awareness of Cooke’s lenses, history and knowledge in the wider industry.


Bubble & Squeak worked with Cooke’s marketing manager to set up and manage social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.
Daily posts are scheduled covering industry news, technology, events and most importantly user-generated content from hire companies and filmmakers. We also work constantly to integrate the social channels with Google analytics and all departments of the business to produce optimum results and connect their communities to everything that is going on with Cooke and Cooke users globally. We also provide informal, ongoing coaching for the Cooke team on social media ideas, tactics, tech and commercial trackable strategy.


Since December 2015 Cooke’s Facebook ‘likes’ have grown from 3000 to 6700, with their reach growing from 200-1000 per day to 1000 to 10,000, totally organically with no advertising spend. A recent Facebook video, provided by a user, went viral and has reached over 21,000 people (without boosting) with 9,900 views and 277 likes/reactions. The Twitter channel has grown by 100+ targeted followers every month and is achieving up to 3500 profile visits, 100 mentions and up to 60,000 impressions every month. Instagram – the cinematographer’s favourite, being such a visual channel – has been growing at an astonishing rate of around 1000 new followers per month.