Behind the Bubble: Dawn Bochenski









How long have you worked in the industry?


    1. I have been working in the Media and Entertainment industry for just over 16 years.
    2. What was your career journey prior to joining Bubble?

I cut my teeth in customer service and marketing rolls across a variety of sectors; including various consumer promotional companies, the motor trade and then six years in the marketing department at the UK HQ of a building materials distributor. This was in the days before smartphones, digital and email – using the good old fashioned postal service and picking up the telephone, a good grounding and a lost art in my opinion!

This was followed by a stint at an education software company before finding my way to Avid for a 10-year tenure in a variety of marketing roles looking after EMEA, UK and Nordics regions.

What is your favourite industry memory?

Oh my goodness, there are so many memories, usually involving my ‘industry family’ and lots of raucous laughter.

Some of the best times have been when I have been delirious with exhaustion in the run up to an event or tradeshow we were managing; everything seems silly and funny on the back of a bit of jetlag and the buzz of finding a solution to those last-minute problems. Pass me the left-handed screw driver please!


    1. How long have you been a Bubble?

I am currently celebrating my sixth year as a Bubble. When I started working with the team back in January 2012, there were three and a half of us as permanent staff (Sadie, Wendy, me and our part-time accountant).

My early years within the industry were focussed on the UK, Nordics and EMEA, so I was well aware of Bubble, and our paths crossed frequently.

Whilst in my previous role, I engaged Sadie and the team to provide tradeshow support, conduct market research and bolster the marketing output for my department when I had reduced resources. I loved the company ethos, the drive and vision and the agility of a boutique agency to generate tangible results in a creative and fun way, so when the opportunity arose to join the team it really was a no brainer.

They say that time flies when you are having fun and that is certainly true for me here at Bubble. Over the past few years we have seen substantial growth, rebranded and changed our name, increased our service offering and now also have bases in USA and Dubai in addition to our HQ at Pinewood Studios in the UK. I am really proud of the team we are building and the industry sectors we serve. It has been an incredible journey so far and there is much more to come.

  1. What’s your favourite Bubble memory?

Again, there are far too many good times to list, but the diversity of events we produce and the opportunities they have presented have been a wonderful experience. I have been lucky enough to be flown very nicely to Bali to produce a global conference for a WPP company, received a humbling round of applause from a whole theatre full of audio folk at the Conch awards and met an eclectic mix of talent at the MPG awards from Chris Martin, Mumford and sons and Paul Epworth to the infamous Huey Morgan! Green room stories are always the best and strictly confidential of course!

When you’re not bubbling what do you like to do?


  1. You may have seen from the latest issue of the Bubble Bugle, I am partial to a bit of yoga. Getting outside and moving around is really important for me and I am a much better / nicer / calmer person for doing it! I don’t have a regular routine (juggling family commitments and a fully packed diary is not a recipe for routine), but I try and practice around three times a week, I am also trying to get back into running after a modest (hungover) success at the IBC 4k charity dash!